Meet the companies participating in the Entrepreneur Pitch Showcase!

INPUTS – is a business-to-business platform for the agricultural supply chain. Inputs’ goal are to bring maximum value to farmers through gains in supply chain efficiency, increased traceability, and in leveraging our user base to secure volume-based discounts and special offers — connecting growers to products, services, consultants, markets, and other necessities required to grow and sell a crop.

Membrion – Membrion has found a solution to clean water hiding at the bottom of a beef jerky package. They have found a way to transform those silica gel desiccant packs into high performance and ultra-low-cost membranes that can reduce the cost of water desalination.

Bimstone Energy – Brimstone Energy is building a chemical technology that can reduce costs and pollution while increasing safety in both the multi-billion dollar market of fertilizer production and the multi-million dollar market of irrigation water acidification.

Ecoli Sense – Ecoli Sense is a pathogen sensor development company that has developed a new, low-cost and innovative way to rapidly detect E. coli bacteria in water. Using our proprietary sensors technology E. coli contamination can be detected within five minutes of
exposure to water sample.

RABAC Technology – RABAC Technology Inc. (RTI) was established in 2019 to fully commercialize new wastewater treatment technology Rotating Activated Bacillus Contactor (RABAC) Technology. RABAC is U.S. patented and particularly effective in removing nutrients, such as nitrogen, phosphorous, and ammonia, which are notoriously difficult and expensive to treat.

Meet the companies participating in the Stock Exchange!

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