Congratulations to the winners!!

Entrepreneur Showcase Innovation Award – MadJack Snowsports

Stock Exchange Audience Award – Five Microns

Entrepreneur Showcase Judges Award – Mazen Animal Health, Inc.


This November, venture will pitch in front of a room full of investors, venture capitalists, industry leaders, entrepreneurs and more in a Shark-Tank style competition. Participating ventures will compete for one of two recognition. The Judges Award and the Innovation Award.

Learn more about the companies before you attend.

BoxPower manufactures rapidly-deployable solar-diesel generators in 20ft shipping containers for disaster relief and off-grid industries.

Five Microns designs and manufactures tremor-reducing devices that enable people with Parkinson’s Disease and essential tremor to perform daily activities with steady hands

GroGuru provides highly accurate, affordable, and reliable sensors that are easy to install and maintain. Real-time access to data is available on mobile devices such as iPhones, iPads, and Android devices. Services such as irrigation scheduling and threshold-based alerts are supported through a monthly subscription.

MadJack Snowsports is a C-Corp snowsports manufacturing company. Our flagship product, the MadJacks, allows snowsports enthusiasts to morph snowboard boots onto ski boots. Affording skiers the comfort of a snowboard boot, married with the performance of a ski boot at a price point that is on average one-third less than a traditional alpine boot, through a patented device.

Mazen Animal Health, Inc. is a biotechnology company developing and commercializing novel biological vaccines and therapeutics that disrupt the status quo.  We believe all animals should be protected from preventable disease, but today that isn’t the case. We intend to change that.

Spooky Action builds UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) that fly forever. Using a proprietary ground-to-air tethered power system, Spooky Action specializes in custom aerial intelligence solutions for applications where drones are too underpowered and helicopters are too cumbersome.

Tiny Farms developing the infrastructure to realize the incredible potential of insect agriculture to address looming protein shortages, and offset the devastating environmental effects of traditional protein production. Our mission is to build solutions that serve and are inspired by humanity and nature.


Promising local entrepreneurs and startup ventures will vie for YOUR Bulldog Investment Dollars to win the Audience Choice award!