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Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Thank you to all who participated in 2019!

Entrepreneur Showcase Innovation Award – Ecoli Sense

Ecoli Sense is a pathogen sensor development company. We have developed a new, low-cost and innovative way to rapidly detect E. coli bacteria in water. Using our proprietary sensors technology E. coli contamination can be detected within five minutes of exposure to the water sample. Coupled with our hand-held and automated IoT enabled platforms our technology allows for on-site and remote deployment and sampling with the water quality information delivered via an app or a web-based dashboard in real-time regime.

Stock Exchange Audience Award – Get Served Transportation

Get Served Transportation is a ride-share application that provides freedom for wheelchair confined individuals; the freedom to travel without limitations. The GST app supersedes the present restrictions of public and/or medical transportation. GST also allows the physically impaired to request a Personal Care Assistant (PCA) to either accompany or meet at a pre-arranged location. GST drivers can also choose to be PCA's.